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Nevada Man Found Decapitated in His Room With Smoke Coming Out of His Body, Girlfriend Was Arrested

Nevada woman
Nevada man was found decapitated inside his home. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

Police officers found a man in Nevada decapitated in his room and smoke coming out of his body last week. His girlfriend was charged with open murder.

Nevada woman

Nevada man was found decapitated inside his home. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

Man Was Found Decapitated

The man identified as Johnathan James Willette, 46 years old, was first found by his mother decapitated last week. She immediately called the police officers from the Henderson Police Department who immediately responded to the crime scene at the 2000 block of Pala Dura Drive on Aug. 7 around 8:30 a.m.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, police authorities found the dead and decapitated man inside the house. They initially ruled that the crime was a homicide committed by his girlfriend named Devyn Michaels but the investigation revealed that the woman intended to kill the man with the help of the man’s son.

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Woman is Married to His Boyfriend’s Son

According to a published article in New York Post, it was found during the investigation that the woman and the victim were in a relationship but she is married to the man’s son. As the investigation develops, it was discovered that Michaels and the son wed “to help each other out.”

However, Michaels told the investigators that they are already in the process of moving in together because they have two daughters. But, she added that Willette has been abusive in their relationship and he even made a child take a shower in front of him.

Michaels claimed that Willette forced her to have sex with her the night that the man was killed but she refused and hit him on the head. She also explained to the investigators that he did not intend to kill the man but only hurt him enough that he would have to go to the hospital.

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