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Man in Massachusetts Opened Fire Leading to the Death of 2 People, Turned the Gun to Himself

Massachusetts man
Massachusetts man opened fire killing 3 persons and committed suicide. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

Two persons were pronounced dead after a man started to open fire and turned the gun to himself to commit suicide.


Massachusetts man opened fire killing 3 persons and committed suicide. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

Man Opened Fire Killing 2 Persons

A horrible shooting incident happened on August 14 after a man started to open fire on an unsuspecting family. It led to the death of two persons while injuring the other members of the family. The shooter turned the gun to himself after committing the crime.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, Springfield Police Department officers responded at 174 Berkshire Avenue after they received a call about a shooting incident. When the officers arrived, they found the deceased body of Victor Nieves and Kim Fairbanks.

Meanwhile, the 12-year-old and 10-year-old sustained gunshot wounds while the 5-year-old kid was not injured. Medics immediately transported the kids to the nearest hospital to be treated. The 12-year-old kid is now in stable condition but the 10-year-old kid was pronounced dead days after the shooting incident.

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Mother of the 10-Year-Old Kid Released a Statement

According to the official website of Springfield Police Department, Stephanie Croteau, the mother of a 10-year-old kid, wrote on Facebook, “At 12:56pm, my princess Aubrianna Lynn’s heart stopped beating. It was peaceful, she was not in any pain. She was surrounded by her family. My whole heart has been completely ripped out of my chest. It’s shattered. It hurts. The pain I feel is unbearable.” Furthermore, investigators also shared that Nieves, the shooter, lived on the second floor of the apartment building.

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