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Racially Motivated Crime: 14-Year-Old Teen is Charged for Trying to Drown Another Teen in Massachusetts

Black teen in Massachusetts
14-year-old teen in Massachusetts was charged and indicted. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

A 14-year-old teen was charged and indicted for trying to drown another teen in what the jury described as a “racially motivated crime” in Massachusetts.


14-year-old teen in Massachusetts was charged and indicted. (Photo: TRUE CRIME DAILY)

Racially Motivated Crime

A 14-year-old teen tried to drown another teen in Massachusetts. It was found during the investigation that two white teens and a Black teen met at Goose Pond. It was found that one of the two white teens picked up a stone, threatened the victim, and made a racially charged statement.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, the Black teen put on a life jacket and told the two white teens that he did not know how to swim. When they were already in the pond, one of the white teens pulled off the life jacket of the Black teen. He submerged in the water about four to five times which caused him to have difficulty breathing.

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14-Year-Old Teen Was Charged and Indicted

According to a published article in the Boston Globe, the jury indicted the 14-year-old teen this week on the following charges:

  • Attempted murder
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon

The second charge is in connection with an incident that occurred on July 19 in Chatham on Cape Cod.  The suspect is now being held without bail and will return to court on September 13.

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