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Folk-Country Singer Zach Bryan Arrested for ‘Obstructing an Investigation’ in Oklahoma

Zach Bryan
Folk-country singer Zach Bryan was arrested. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Police authorities arrested the folk-country singer Zach Bryan on Thursday evening and was charged with obstruction an investigation.

Zach Bryan

Folk-country singer Zach Bryan was arrested. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Folk-Country Singer Zach Bryan Was Arrested

Folk-country singer Zach Bryan was arrested on Thursday evening in his native home in Oklahoma for obstructing an investigation. He was taken to the Craig County Sheriff’s Office in Vinita, Oklahoma where he was also detained but was released later after a bond.

In a published article in USA Today, Zach Bryan was charged with “obstruction an investigation” which the state law defines as willfully delaying or obstructing any public officer in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his office.”

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Zach Bryan Released a Statement

According to a published article in the Associated Press, Zach Bryan posted on his social media account on the night he was arrested that he got into “an incident with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol” and he also added that his emotions got the best of him.

Additionally, Zach Bryan posted on Friday morning that he got into a verbal altercation with the police officer after his security guard was pulled over while driving. Moreover, he also apologized and wrote, “I support law enforcement as much as anyone can, I was just frustrated in the moment, it was unlike me and I apologize.”

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